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Thanks for Your replies. I'm sending my software versions below. I'm using Mirantis Fuel 9.2(based on mitaka).


nova-common: 13.1.4-7~u14.04+mos54 
cinder-common: 8.1.1-6~u14.04+mos30
glance-common: 12.0.0-5~u14.04+mos26
keystone: 9.3.0-4~u14.04+mos10 ceph:
ceph: 0.94.9-1~u14.04+mos3

@tze Ceph documentation says that i need both of these lines on Mitaka. It's not true?

I've tried to force off v1_api and v1_registry like you said but then horizon & python-openstackclient stopped working properly, for ex. openstack image list worked fine but openstack server create can't find my image and returning error Could not find resource <image_id>