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Hi Huseyin,

Here are a couple of thoughts: 1. If you don't need neutron-lbaas, it is best to deploy without it and just use Octavia (Pike forward, but you can run octavia at newer versions than the rest of your cloud). 2. The error means some part of the system does not have a keystone token that allows it to access the required services. This could be because: a. The neutron API service is not configured to load the neutron-lbaas.conf. It has the config file list it loads on the command line you can see via "ps -ef", just make sure the way it is starting actually picks up the neutron-lbaas.conf. One way to test this is to just add the neutron-lbaas.conf content into your neutron.conf file. b. Make sure your octavia.conf has the v1 API enabled and the URL neutron-lbaas is using to access Octavia is via the v1 API endpoint (not advertised in keystone endpoints). This is a private API (should not be accessible from users) that neutron-lbaas uses to access Octavia. c. This appears to be the neutron client stack trace. Make sure your user credentials are enabled for the neutron client. For example, make sure you can do "neutron port-list".

Also, there are usually Octavia cores around in #openstack-lbaas on freenode IRC. Feel free to ask in the channel for help.

Michael (johnsom)