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Is it possible to use OpenStack to take advantage of remote CPU/GPU resources to make this process faster?


  1. OpenStack compute nodes with GPU hardware can be configured so that an instance can use the GPU. Compute nodes with multiple GPUs can be problematic though.

  2. There are OpenStack cloud providers who offer GPU-enabled instances. (According to Google)

  3. If you rented a GPU-enabled instance from a provider, you should be able to set up something so that you could send it requests remotely to do things. Obviously, if the requests are going to take a long time, then you need to design your system for sending requests / getting replies to handle this.

At times, it may be necessary to provide software updates for the users, and these updates may require downloading some models (.txt / .csv / .xml files) into user's products. Can this be achieved using openstack?

It is not clear what you mean here.

In general, an OpenStack instance with a public IP address can make files available to be downloaded; e.g. by running a Web server or FTP server. Your software running on the users machine could be implemented implemented to connect to a cloud server and download updates. (Provided that the user's machine has internet access.)

Can OpenStack be used to create and maintain a storage cloud for an image database (.png / .jpg / .bmp), and have this database be accessed by our software for retrieval and processing?

Yes. This is essential the same as the previous question. Web servers etcetera are generally agnostic to the type of documents they are serving.