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You can add the training labs, an official Openstack project:

Openstack Training Labs is a collection of scripts that install a working OpenStack cluster on your computer almost at the push of a button. It is an automated, fast, reliable and reproducible way of following OpenStack install guides to create a cluster using VirtualBox/KVM Virtual Machines (VM) and should run on most common hardware (Desktops/Laptops) out of the box.

There is also Packstack.

I doubt there is any consensus what’s best. It depends on you definition of “best”. Training labs are for educating yourself and your course participants, Packstack wants to be a rapid POC tool, DevStack’s main purpose is development, OpenStack-Ansible and Kolla aim to be production deployment methods and run services in containers (LXC and Docker, respectively), Ursula seems to be tailoured to IBM’s public cloud, Fuel seems to be abandoned. Oh, there is also conjure-up from Ubuntu, also a production system if I understand them right. And probably many more.