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Same Problem waiting for solve

basic info: centos 7 x64 eth0: gateway: wan eth1: gateway: wan flat ipaddresses: setup guide by Pike install docs,I choosed the provider network at neutron setup step. Then I make eth1 as provider in the conf file.And log into horizon with admin account,select Admin->Network->Networks to create network: <first page=""> Name: outoutoutNet Provider Network Type:flat Physical Network:provider √ Enable Admin State √ Shared √ External Network √ Create Subnet <second page=""> Subnet Name:uuuuco Network Address: IP Version:IPv4 Gateway IP: <third page=""> √ Enable DHCP Allocation Pools:, DNS Name Servers: Host Routes:


the add a vroute at horizon console connected to outoutoutNet. done And now I create a instance and running it,it could get a ip addr It cannot ping at all,and other like ping or other wan ip it doesn't work too.

from outside,I can ping,and now this ip belong to br vnic, from ip netns the q-dhcp and q-router couldn't ping too,from instance I cannot ping too It really bother me alot