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I think I have found the issue, but not solved it yet. If I run "openstack hypervisor stats show" I do get this.

local_gb = 34
local_gb_used = 20

And that is the /var disk. But I'm using the NFS share...

/dev/mapper/vg_raid5-var 35G 7,7G 28G 22% /var 1000G 933M 999G 1% /var/lib/nova/mnt/77adda28803e069e457f294e2172f0dc

So how can I get the hypervisor to read the size on the nfs share instead of /var ??

P.S.1 The instance that I have created is all stored on the NFS share.
P.S.2 I'm running the Packstack, I think I miss to inform about that.