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Do not put your physical interface eth3 into br-int if you're using gre tunnels. This causes the dhcp packets to flow to ethernet via the bridge without gre.

Also it pays off to tcpdump the raw interface(eth3) to see the gre tunneling in effect and use -e to see the mac addresses.

The packet flow should be like this: compute: br-int, packets tagged with vlan1 signifying the tenant network compute: br-tun where gre encapsulation occurs compute: eth3, this is a normal network interface without any bridging! packets should be gre tunneled here wire network: eth3, gre-tunneled, again no bridging here network: br-tun, removes encapsulation and attaches vlan tag 1 (for broadcast packets it might route it to several vlans if present) network: br-int, vlan1

You can check ovs-ofctl dump-flows br-tun to see the rules for gre<->vlan switching