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We also had a similar issue, what I mean is if an instance is on 20Gb disks using flavor.m1, you convert it to image and relaunch a new instance using flavor.m1 on 20Gb Disks, the instance creation will fail saying " doesn't fit in a volume of size 20G ". However If we use a 25GB Disks with flavor.m1new the instance will Launch fine.

We used 'qemu' commands to resize the virtual size of the disk to 10Gb and try launch the instance, this time Openstack is able to launch the instance running, but when we looked at the instance console we see its waiting on Grub saying no Kernal available.

So what we conclude is if qcow2 image is created out of 20Gb disks next instance launched out of new image created requires more than 20Gb disks to get the instance running perfectly.