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I believe you are facing the same issue as the one described (by me) in the bug [1]. To tell for sure, here are a couple of things to do. Let me emphasize that this is a hunch, not a conclusive diagnosis.

On your VMWare VM, verify the version of libvirtd. If you are running 2.5.0 (which is what I ended up with in Ubuntu when the Ubuntu Cloud Archive was enabled), I had the exact same issue. If I use libvirtd of 1.3.1, things work fine.

My environment is similar to yours but substitute Ubuntu for Centos.

  • Windows 10 or Mac running VMWare VM
  • VMWare VM running Ubuntu and OpenStack as a compute node.
  • Nested Hypervisor VM for Nova (Cirros or full Ubuntu)
  • VT-X enabled in VMWare

I ended up with the exact same thing, the Nova instance would get stuck on the GRUB line on the console.

Not sure how you'd go about unraveling this in your environment but at least it may help you identify whether you are running into the same problem.

If you want more information, ping me on #openstack-dev, or #openstack-trove.