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I have made some progress.

I found this info in mitaka release notes :

Split nested quota support into a separate driver. In order to use nested quotas, change the following config quota_driver = cinder.quota.NestedDbQuotaDriver after running the following admin API “os-quota-sets/validate_setup_for_nested_quota_use” command to ensure the existing quota values make sense to nest.

So, I am going to apply it. But when I try to call the API /os-quota-sets/validate_setup_for_nested_quota_use, I got a "The resource could not be found". How can I check that this function really exists ? (I performed a CURL GET on http://<my-controller>:35357/v3/os-quota-sets/validate_setup_for_nested_quota_use, with a valid token).

Second point : where do I need to declare the NestedDbQuotaDriver ? I was supposing to write it in /etc/nova/nova.conf, in the [quota] section, calling it "driver=", but do I need to write it in other conf files (cinder.conf, ...)