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It appears that the sd[b-e] path devices are stale, can you flush the 36000d3100314f600000000000000018a device or restart the compute node?

Why is nova looking for lun5, when the volume is on lun-1???? Where does it get lun5 from??

The connection_info returned from cinder-volume for the volume lists lun-5 :

'connection_info': {u'driver_volume_type': u'fibre_channel', [..], u'serial': u'ede15f11-998d-4c58-9872-a5ca78507235', u'data': {u'initiator_target_map': {u'2100001B3287FA25': [u'5000D3100314F626', u'5000D3100314F624'], u'2101001B32A7FA25': [u'5000D3100314F623', u'5000D3100314F625']} [..], u'target_lun': 5,[..]}, [..]} _get_guest_xml