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  1. check the core service is running by typing command " netstat -an | grep LISTENING". In the controller node,it should contains listening port 8778(placement_api service), 8774(compute-service),9292(Image service),9696(network),5000(Identify service),5672(rabbitmq server), 11211( memcache server),35357(Identify service) at least if you don't modify the default config. if you install Ocata by offical guide line by line ,You must start placement-api service manually。
  2. In compute node,you can run command "virt-host-validate" to check your host that whether it supports hardware virtualization.If fails ,edit the file "/etc/nova/nova.conf",set virt_type=qemu.
  3. Ensure your host owns enough cpu,Memory,disk resources.
  4. if All the steps is ok ,Open Debug log message By set debug=true int /etc/nova/nova.conf。you can find more information in the directory /var/log/nova/