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I use newton release with libvirt xen on openSUSE, and i had the same error. The error comes from interface suffix name that xen use. The problem caused from script /etc/xen/scripts/ as you can see the script try to create an interface with name something like tap320055bf-15-emu (for hvm is tap, for pv is not emulated so not cause error) but xen supports until 16 character devices. So
if you change suffix to be for example -e than -emu the problems solved. So you can change the lines 103 and 111 with changes:

<     dev_=${dev_%-e}
>     dev_=${dev_%-emu}
<         vifname="${vifname}-e"
>         vifname="${vifname}-emu"

You must be careful, if you make any package updates of your xen you must re-apply the patch.

I know this is dirty way but works. I will be very happy if i find another way.