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If you want OpenStack to handle all of this for you, one option is to use a Zaqar queue as the action URL of the alarm. You can then use a subscription on that queue to trigger a Mistral workflow that migrates the VMs. There is an example Heat template that demonstrates this flow (the alarms and Mistral workflow are different, but could easily be replaced by what you want). This template requires Heat features from Ocata (e.g. the OS::Zaqar::MistralTrigger resource type), but you could also run this on Newton if you set it up outside of Heat.

One caveat is that the workflow needs to be created in the same tenant as the queue and alarm, and it will be run (via a Keystone trust) as the user that originally created it. So the user that creates the workflow in the tenant needs to have a role that allows it to perform live migrations (which is normally reserved for cloud admins).