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Short answer: Yes. OpenStack was designed for KVM, and it plays with Debian, at least until the previous release Newton. As far as the How is concerned, there are plenty of options. Here are a few.

You need to install several components of OpenStack on the controller node; at the minimum Keystone (Identity), Glance (Image Catalog), Nova (Compute service), Neutron (Networking). If you want OpenStack to control your storage volumes as well, you need Cinder.

On the compute nodes with KVM, you only install some components of Nova and Neutron to control the KVM virtual machines and their network connectivity.

If you want to do this from scratch, follow the installation tutorial. Caveat: This is not meant to produce a production-ready cloud. Unfortunately, there are no Debian instructions for the newest OpenStack release, Ocata. If it has to be Debian, use the previous release, Newton.

Alternatively, you can use an installation tool like Packstack for RHEL and Centos, or Autopilot for Ubuntu, or Mirantis to install your cloud. There are certainly other options, perhaps also with Debian. Autopilot and Mirantis install the operating system on the compute nodes, if I am not wrong, and it won't be Debian. Packstack expects an existing RHEL-like installation.

There are other alternatives that I don't know that well, such as installation with provisioning tools. Look for OpenStack/Ansible, OpenStack/Chef etc.