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I am getting error from master file about one of the parameter in chile file.


heat_template_version: 2016-04-08 description: this is test file to demonstrate nesting templates

parameters: vm-name: type: string default: ud-test-vm

resources: instance: type: OS::Nova::Server properties: name: { get_param: vm-name } flavor: m1.svc networks: - network: enm_internal_network_megha key_name: enm_keypair image: cirros


heat_template_version: 2015-04-30 description: this demo master file

parameters: vm-name-master: type: string default: vm-name-calling

resources: instance-calling: #type: file:///home/uday/ENM/template/child.yaml type: ./child.yaml properties: vm-name = { get_param: vm-name-master }

Error:: ERROR: Property error: : : Unknown Property vm-name = { get_param

Any help??