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Anyone interested in a testing environment for integrating Newton+Neutron with VMWare ESXi 6.5 in a basic way (with no support for internal networks, for example when there is no NSX to integrate Neutron with) please follow this steps:

  1. Follow Newton's official guide here: and/or Jose Rigueras's guide here:
  2. [hack] Restore some of the Liberty's code which allowed more than OVS or DVS as VIF types, here:

        network_id = vif['network']['bridge']
        network_ref = network_util.get_network_with_the_name(session,network_id, cluster)
        # reason = _('vif type %s not supported') % vif['type']
        # raise exception.InvalidInput(reason=reason)
    return network_ref 
  3. Enjoy.