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First of all I am sorry that this was my wrong observation. I realized it after seeing stackrc file which contains all configurations needed for devstack script.

Have pulled few lines from stackrc to put my understanding.

=> below replacement bash script assigns IDENTITY_API_VERSION=3 as IDENTITY_API_VERSION is not assigned any value before this line in stackrc file.


=> trueorfalse function assigns default value True to ENABLE_IDENTITY_V2 which is passed as first argument to this function in below line.


What this means essentially is both Identity v2 and v3 are configured for build and deployment in Ocata release. I confirmed same by testing openstack CLI commands by exporting OS_AUTH_URL and OS_IDENTITY_API_VERSION values to http://<ip>:5000/v2.0 and 2 for v2 and http://<ip>:5000 and 3 respectively.

I hope this all makes sense and helps someone who might have faced same confusion as I did.