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It really depends on your hardware and the services you require. If all you want is a controller and a few compute nodes then the openstack guide can fulfill your needs--- it is easy to script a simple controller and compute setup --- if you don't really need cinder and swift and any of the other services then don't deploy them.

We use openstack as a research cluster - vms are deployed for short periods of times, then deleted- no need to backup data- if it fails we rebuild it all. Our CS department uses openstack in a similar manner to your needs- for student labs - and they used the openstack guide. Seems to be ok. (They are at kilo -- newton is far easier to script)

if your hardware can handle it you could also use ubuntu MAAS, JUJU to deploy openstack. Visit the juju store and have a look at their bundles-- you would likely want to simplify it. It looks a bit complicated at first but it is really quite simple. I have done this with a single controller and 14 compute nodes.