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@zaneb, thanks for bringing this question to my attention.

Hi Amit,

As you noticed, there are differences between HOT and TOSCA DSL. We have Heat-Translator project in main Heat program ( to support translation of TOSCA to HOT and then deploy translated HOT with Heat. The translator try to map TOSCA entities in HOT though we run into challenges where there is no 1-1 mapping. I can discuss the detail about project offline, you can reach out to me on IRC @spzala or email me Since you are creating TOSCA templates, I am sure you read TOSCA specification. And it seems like you are translating HOT to TOSCA? About your specific questions: 1) str_replace can be mapped to TOSCA function like “concat” (the function is used to concatenate two or more string values within a TOSCA service template. Please look at this function definition in the TOSCA spec. 2) For floating IP, TOSCA capabilities tosca.capabilities.Endpoint.Public is something you can use. Please refer to it’s definition in the spec.