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Thanks for retreating from the 'local shop for local people' stance in your initial reply, doesn't really work with a globally accessible website and download!

Nevertheless, I take your point and realise that this install is aimed at a specific audience and admit I was a bit short on info to allow you to see the problem I'm having.

The problem I have is really just one of confidence and must be something a lot of noobs are struggling with. All I've done is strictly follow the Devstack All in One install instructions with a v16.0.4 min Ubu server installation, as suggested, and all is good. Then dutifully following the instructions to install starting with creating a user, no problem, grab sudo, all good, and then an echo line to get you in the sudoers file and that's where it all falls down.

stack@UbuStack:~$ sudo echo "stack ALL=(ALL) NOPASSWD: ALL" >> /etc/sudoers bash: /etc/sudoers: Permission denied

Whatever user you use, with or without sudo, doesn't let you write to this location, even after a hopeful chown which also returns the above error as it's all owned by root/root and that's where it starts to unravel as your user basically doesn't have the rights to spread the writing of files when you run the script, erroring on permissions in many places not least /opt locations.

This is it! Finding it as an issue with all Ubu versions I'm installing now from v14 onwards so not a Devstack issue, more an Ubu problem. Should I be able to use the pre-installed root account (password?) and do what's needed for the install to complete this way? General reading indicates I shouldn't (be able to) do this. Maybe I should be posting this on an Ubu forum as it may be better addressed there.

Cheers, Rob.