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Hi, on a VM typically you would use paravirtualized 'virtio_net' drivers. The concept of Ethernet speed for such interfaces actually doesn't apply that much and the throuhput you are getting depends on performance of virtio_net (that is, mostly QEMU) what is 'underneath' - and that are virtual switches (Linux Bridge, OVS)/and possibly iptables (=because of security groups)

For e1000 which is full virtualized - the driver reports that interface to be at 1 Gpbs, but (at least theoretically)

"Consider that the emulated e1000 network interfaces will report their speed as 1Gbps, because they are a software emulation of a 1GbE interface. However, if you do traffic between two VMs on the same host using the emulated e1000 interfaces, you will likely find you can exceed 1Gbps without a problem"

In reality fully-virtualized e1000 has significantly more performance penalty so reaching above 1 Gbps would be problematic I think.